Getting the results you want in your business quickly and cost effectively means thinking differently. Applying conventional ways of doing things will not always serve you well. That's why Prima Net Consult UK's services will blend with your existing and on-premise systems, so you can continue to leverage the benefits of your past investments while preparing for the future.

Project Services

Project Services

Once you start a new project, you want to make sure it’s implemented and tested on time and on budget, meeting your quality criteria.

  You can depend on our Project Services

  • We set out costs, timelines and quality criteria in our proposal, and we stick to our word

  • We use best industry practices to produce low level network and infrastructure designs

  • Our engineers have the required skills, so you save on recruitment and retention costs

  • We complete full acceptance testing after the project is complete

  • We can maintain and support your completed project

  Our Capabilities

  • 14 years’ experience managing, monitoring and troubleshooting complex IT infrastructures

  • High levels of industry and partner certification

  • High-quality and comprehensive reports for both technical and executive audiences