Getting the results you want in your business quickly and cost effectively means thinking differently. Applying conventional ways of doing things will not always serve you well. That's why Prima Net Consult UK's services will blend with your existing and on-premise systems, so you can continue to leverage the benefits of your past investments while preparing for the future.

Readiness Assesment

Readiness Assesment

  Your business is constantly evolving to meet customer needs, by improving business processes and working more effectively with partners.

  Is your network ready? Does it have the capacity and capabilities needed to support business growth and change?

  Find out with a Readiness Assessment. We can assess the readiness of your entire network:

  • LANs

  • WANs

  • Wireless networks

  • Optical networks

  • Security systems

  • IP telephony systems

  • Mobility infrastructure

  • Data centers

  • Storage

  We can assess a single component, or take an end-to-end view across multiple networks and technologies.

  The benefits:

  • Ensure your network is fully optimized and supports your current needs

  • Know whether your infrastructure will support your future objectives

  • Determine whether best-practice design rules are being followed

  • Plan for future changes and enhancements

  • Maximize your return on investment by aligning your budget with your business goals – including business continuity

  • Establish a baseline for future design, investment and procurement decisions

Our Capabilities

  • Over 14 years’ experience managing, monitoring and troubleshooting complex IT infrastructures Highest levels of industry and partner certification

  • High-quality and comprehensive reports for both technical and executive audiences