Getting the results you want in your business quickly and cost effectively means thinking differently. Applying conventional ways of doing things will not always serve you well. That's why Prima Net Consult UK's services will blend with your existing and on-premise systems, so you can continue to leverage the benefits of your past investments while preparing for the future.

VMware courses (unofficial)

VMware courses (unofficial)

    Unofficial VMware courses have the following goals:

    Offer VMware training options to people who do not need sit an authorized VMware class. In our experience, many people might not be able to sit authorized VMware training because of cost, travel limitations (company policy prevents out of town/state travel) or time restrictions (can't get permission to take 4 days off work to sit a class).

    Our flexible delivery solutions and remote access lab environment gives companies and interested individuals access to the resources they need to succeed with virtualization.

   Our partners: New Horizons Sofia Bulgaria, New Horizons London England, Thynk, ESXLab.